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The invention of lying…

January 3, 2013

ImageWe had a visitor yesterday – a student who we’re helping get his cataracts sorted out. When he set off to leave, we found that one of his shoes that should have been on our front step was missing. We checked with Josh who said he hadn’t seen it, and it would have been too heavy for Dan, so we had a good search around presuming that it must have been a wild dog (they sometimes find their way on to the college site….last year we left 4 pairs of shoes out overnight to find in the morning that ONE of EACH pair had gone missing, to turn up later next to some stray puppies that were hanging around on site)

After 15 minutes looking in the vicinity we were close to giving up and working out what we were going to do for him when the student, with only one half-decent eye, spotted it tucked behind the bumper of a minibus parked nearby.

Either a very clever dog, or Josh is starting to learn the art, and fun, of fibbing. I’ll let you decide…

Have an honest day, won’t you?



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